Why I Hired Santa

My alter-ego increases productivity, focus and encourages a consistent voice for my startup, Tap.

On top of that, there are other benefits to having Santa on staff:

As a solo-founder and developer, writing is an important part of my process. But it’s hard. It takes a huge effort to produce consistent meaningful content, on top of creating the rest of Tap.

I have two questions I want to focus on for any given piece of writing:

These questions define my strategy and need careful alignment with product development. However, until hiring Santa, the questions that occupied my head were:

These questions are in Santa’s domain now. And the answer of them shouldn’t change from piece to piece.

Anyway, I stumbled into the alter-ego technique, and found out it worked pretty well. It turns out, it’s not just me and there’s some studies on "The Batman Effect" supporting the effectiveness of alter-egos.

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